Accura Print-MIS Support: Live Text Chat

Accura Live Chat Support

Australian Accura Print-MIS users know that they can contact Idealsolution via phone, email or remote log-in for their Accura support. Australian customers may not know that they can also establish a live text chat session with local support at Idealsolution directly from the Accura toolbar or help menu. That’s right – live text chat support is built directly into Accura!

Simply select the Live Chat icon in the toolbar or select the Live Chat option in the help menu.

Adobe CS6 License Upgrade Policy Change

Adobe CS6 Upgrade Policy Change

Adobe have recently announced that upgrade licenses to their future release of CS6 will only be available to customers running CS5 or CS 5.5. Customers who are using previous versions (CS3 and CS4) will not be eligible for upgrade pricing for CS6, and will need to purchase new full licenses.

20% discount on CS5.5 upgrades until December 31st 2011!

To assist with the change in policy, Adobe will be offering a 20% discount on all Creative Suite upgrades until December 31st 2011. Whether you’re using CS2, CS3 or CS4, you can take advantage of upgrade pricing for CS5.5 right now to get the latest software capabilities and performance.

Contact idealsolution to arrange your upgrades before December 31st, save 20%, and set yourself up for upgrade pricing on upgrades in the future.

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