Accura 4.50 Build 15 Released

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ACCURA version 4.50 Build 15 released 1st November 2011

Data Design Services, the developers of the Accura Print MIS system are excited to release a major new version of Accura.

Accura 4.50 Build 15 is the first public release since 4.21 Build 9 and represents almost two years of development. There is a whole host of new features, feature enhancements and bug fixes. These include:

  • Brand new Online Help area featuring video tutorials and PDF documentation
  • User definable default field values
  • New phone and VOIP dialling contact lists
  • Default client delivery and invoicing addresses
  • Import sub-office addresses from CSV file
  • Client turnover report
  • Quote, order and report Attachments. Print attached files with customer reports
  • Auto-includes to add items automatically into quote workings
  • Quote Mark-ups by profit %, value-added % and fixed unit prices
  • Enhanced click charge support for digital presses
  • Press list enhancements in quote sections
  • Optional extras in quote workings
  • Enhanced Job-type control of quote behaviour
  • Departmental order status window with job cost activity history
  • Central management of change orders
  • Automated proof response
  • Proof note reminder emails
  • Multi-drop delivery addresses in orders
  • Delivery wizard to deliver multiple jobs in batches
  • Create sales invoices from Delivery notes
  • Order Requisition for automated creation of Purchase Orders
  • Stock issue notes replaced by delivery notes
  • Order acknowledgement for product orders
  • New RDC features: print job sheets, outwork batches, change orders, delivery wizard
  • Significant AccuraOnline enhancements
  • Full Windows Compatibility with Vista, Windows 7, and 64-bit


Australian customers on support contract are reminded that they are entitled to this upgrade for free! Contact Idealsolution for more information on this new release.

Kodak Packaging Solutions eZine

Kodak’s Graphic Communications One Magazine, featuring Kodak’s Packaging Solutions

Download a PDF copy of Kodak’s Graphic Communications One Magazine – featuring Kodak’s Packaging Solutions.

Within these pages, you’ll find the story of Kodak’s solutions for printed packaging. It’s a story of accelerated speed to market and an improved brand experience for consumers, of cost savings and production efficiencies, of improving print quality while simplifying and streamlining and automating complex processes.

For brand owners and print services providers alike, only one company can help with all that, from one point of contact, under one trusted name — Kodak. We offer a holistic approach to the printed packaging market, with a uniquely broad portfolio of brand management and prepress solutions that drive shelf impact and efficiency from the earliest design stages all the way through print production.

Ultimately, it’s the story of innovative technologies that maximize business value every step of the way, from concept to consumer.

Kodak Proofing Software 5.2.0 Release

For Matchprint Inkjet proofers, Kodak Proofing Software 5.2 offers a faster and simplified upgrade process using a single executable installer that streamlines the process for installing or upgrading Kodak Proofing Software from versions 3.3 and later. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit is now the preferred KPS Server operating system.

KPS 5.2 adds a manual “Selective Map to Process” feature similar to the controls found in the KPS Kodak Approval version.

New standard PANTONE, DIC, TOYO, and HKS factory-shipped colour libraries are also included in this release.

A license option is also available for Commercial and Packaging editions which allows KPS 5.2 to drive up to four Matchprint Inkjet proofers.

Using the latest RIP technology, Kodak Proofing Software can process PDF files natively via the built in Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) with the option to support legacy Adobe PostScript workflows with the Configurable PostScript Interpreter Engine (CPSI).

Packaging Printing Article – The Right Recipe

Packaging Printing Article Kodak Flexcel NX ImageFeaturing Kodak Flexcel NX Solutions – this issue addresses the State-of-the-art in digital flexo platemaking: “This is how technology evolves”.

Using the Kodak Flexcel NX System has allowed Autumn Graphics’ customers to run higher ink densities, achieve a larger color gamut, and run lower-volume anilox rolls.

Read the complete article at the website.

Download the original article as a PDF file.

New Recipe Color Profiler for Kodak Approval NX

Idealsolution and Kodak have an exciting new offering that will significantly reduce your operating costs of making recipe colours. It’s free of charge and ready to download from the Kodak e-Central site.

One of the key differentiators of the Kodak Approval System is its ability to render spot colours accurately. We call it “Kodak Recipe Colours.” We have now improved the process for setting up recipes, making it faster and easier than ever.

With Kodak Recipe Color Profiler, developing spot colour recipes is easy to do, and time and cost of materials is reduced significantly. If you are an Approval NX System user, download this tool now and save time, labor and material cost.

Export a recipe library in a selectable format for any of the following implementations: Kodak Proofing Software (KPS), Approval Interface Toolkit (AIT) software, EskoArtwork FlexRip or NexusRIP, Global Graphics Harlequin HQ RIP, text-based report for spreadsheet software.

Key Benefits:

  • Only one software tool required
  • Available for easy download from Kodak e-Central site. No service visit or technical training needed
  • Works with any combination of Approval colour donors with any proof laydown order
  • Use with Kodak White and Silver donors, CMYK and CMYKOGB donor sets and wide range of substrates
  • Single and batch processing of recipe recommendations
  • Generate Delta E information on spot colours outside the proof condition gamut
  • Integrated control of X-Rite spectrophotometers for chart and spot measurements
  • Multiple Approval systems can share a single recipe profile.
  • Runs on Approval workstation or comparable PC
  • Approval Host Software 2.2.4 or later required
    Take a tour of the Kodak Recipe Color Profiler at the Kodak Grow Your Biz Blog
    How do I get Recipe Color Profiler?

    Kodak Recipe Color Profiler is available free of charge. Software is limited to Approval NX System users only. To download the software and learn how to use it, visit: . At e-Central, go to “Self Support”, “Downloads” choose “Approval” and select “Kodak Recipe Color Profiler” in the product search. You can also contact us for more information or help in downloading this software.

    Kodak Recipe Color Profiler Splash Screen

    First Kodak Flexcel NX Wide Format System for Kirk Group

    David Fernando (L), national sales and marketing manager at Kirk Group with Andy Molnar (R), managing director Idealsolution

    David Fernando (L), national sales and marketing manager at Kirk Group with Andy Molnar (R), managing director Idealsolution

    Idealsolution sold the first Kodak Flexcel NX wide format flexographic plate making system in the Australia/New Zealand region to the Kirk Group at the PrintEx11 trade show in Sydney.

    Andy Molnar, MD of Idealsolution, commented, “We would like to congratulate the Kirk Group who have been a leading provider of gravure and flexo products and services to the industry in the Asia Pacific Region for now purchasing their second Kodak Flexcel NX and the first Kodak Flexcel NX wide format machine in Australia and New Zealand.”

    The full story can be found at Australian Printer Online.

    Kodak Proofing Software 5.1.0 Release

    For Matchprint Inkjet proofers, Kodak Proofing Software 5.1.0 is now available in three editions: Basic Edition, Commercial Edition, and Packaging Edition. Each edition is controlled by a license and includes only the features that you need.

    Kodak Proofing Software (KPS) version 5.1 adds KPS Client software support for Mac OS 10.6. This release also adds KPS Matchprint Inkjet support for the following Epson proofers: Epson Stylus Pro 4900, Epson Stylus Pro 7890, Epson Stylus Pro 9890 and the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 white ink printer. KPS 5.1 can proof on clear film media using standard right reading “Surface” print or wrong reading “Reverse” print options (where the proof is viewed through the reverse side of the proof media as a right reading image).

    In addition to new printer hardware, KPS 5.1 also adds hardware support for the X-Rite i1iSis, X-Rite i1iSis XL, and the X-Rite DTP70 spectrophotometers.

    KPS Commercial and Packaging Editions offer the ability to create CMYK DeviceLink profiles for inkjet proofing, with the Packaging Edition also offering the ability to simulate flexographic highlight bump or minimum values. CMYK DeviceLink profile generation options include:

    • Color and Black Purity – Maintain Solids
    • Color and Black Purity
    • Black Purity Only
    • Retain CMYK Integrity
    • Full Re-separation

    Using the latest RIP technology, Kodak Proofing Software can process PDF files natively via the built in Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) with the option to support legacy Adobe PostScript workflows with the Configurable PostScript Interpreter Engine (CPSI).

    Idealsolution at Printex 2011

    We are very excited to announce that Idealsolution will be exhibiting at Printex 2011 from May 4th-6th at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour on stand number 2520.

    Come on down for demonstrations of the latest version 4.50 release of Accura Print-MIS which includes over 40 news features/enhancements, along with new developments in the AccuraOnline e-commerce module. Accura Print-MIS is one of the most advanced estimating, production, purchasing, job costing, stock control, crm, and web to print solutions.

    Come and take the “Flexcel Challange” with the Kodak Flexcel NX system and experience gravure quality printing in a flexo system. Also, talk to our expert staff about Kodak accurate monitor proofing & creative workflow.

    We look forward to seeing you there! For further information on Printex click here.

    Accura appoint Idealsolution as new distributors for Australia

    From the Accura Print-MIS website…

    We are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Idealsolution as main distributor for the Accura Print-MIS product range across Australia. Idealsolution, who are based in Castle Hill near Sydney have a long history of providing pre-press solutions to the printing industry. Their areas of expertise include resellers and VARs for Apple Macinstosh equipment, colour managment and workflow software, as well as being a master distributor for Kodak solutions.

    Alan Potter, Sales Director for Acura Print-MIS said: “The appointment of Idealsolution is great news for us, AND our Australian clients as it ensures the continued growth and success of Accura Print-MIS in Australia and will offer our 26 Australian sites with reassurance about our commitment to the market, and provide of a local team of dedicated professionals for installation, training and support”.

    Andy Molnar, Managing Director at Idealsolution commented: “Me and my team are very excited about taking on the Accura Print-MIS product, which we know has a proven pedigree in the UK and here in Australia. We are very keen to work with them to quickly provide a complete infrastructure around the product”.

    Whilst intiially there is an existing client-base to service, Idealsolution have already converted orders for several new sales prospects, which will be installed shortly, and have shown their commitment to Accura Print-MIS by signing up for a stand at the Printex 2011 show in Sydney this May.


    See us at AUSPACK 2011

    If your looking for gravure quality in a flexo system come and put us to the test at Auspack 2011. This award winning Flexel NX system will be featured for the first time in Australasia.

    Proudly brought to you by Idealsolution on stand 530. Contact us to book your private appointment.

    For more information on the show, visit


    Auspack 2011 Invitation

    Auspack 2011 Invitation

    Idealsolution – Kodak 2010 Best Partner Award

    Idealsolution is very proud to announce that our business was awarded the Kodak 2010 Best Partner Award! Last year we won Best Business Development of 2009 in our first year of operation. To win this award in our second year is truly amazing and doesn’t come without a lot of hard work from our fabulous team.

    This award comes as we are expanding Idealsolution into a Software and Packaging Solutions business with the New Kodak NX Flexcel Flexogaphic solution, as well as our continued hard work as Master distributor for Kodak GCG high-end packaging products, Colour management services and recently workflow products.

    Congratulations to the entire Idealsolution team on wining this well deserved recognition from Kodak!

    Kodak Award Best Partner 2010

    Idealsolution awarded Kodak Best Partner Award 2010