Accura MIS – Stand F51 Printex 2019

Idealsolution and Accura U.K. will be showing the latest Accura MIS and AccuraOnline web2print features at Printex 2019, stand F51. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

About Accura MIS
Accura MIS is the complete solution for your printing company – whether you are Digital, Wide-format, Litho, Web-offset, Labels or Flexographic. Our complete “end-to-end” solution is one of the few systems to offer fully integrated CRM, MIS, and Web2Print is one solution.

We don’t think of these as separate solutions – they are ONE THING, seamlessly interacting with each other… after all, what is the point of Web2Print if it is standalone? – we call that “Web to nowhere”!

Few MIS solutions for the printing industry offer the Ease-of-use, Scalability, Power, Flexibility and Affordability of the Accura MIS.

The Accura CRM module is one of the few truly integrated Print MIS CRM systems available. It adds a unique set of ‘front-end’ Sales and Customer Service functions for your business, directly replacing commercially available CRM packages.

The Accura Core Module provides all the essential functionality you require – from taking the initial enquiry, raising the job, through to delivering it and sending the invoice.
With Accura’s integrated approach, you save time by not having to input the same information time and time again. Included in the basic Core Module are:
Client and Supplier/Vendor Management; Estimating; Order Processing; Proofing; Deliveries; Sales Invoicing; Accounts Integration; Management Information Reports; User Configurable Reporting; User Specific Security Protection.

AccuraOnline is about building relationships with customers, retaining more customers, building loyalty, building brand awareness, and offering something that most of your competitors can’t – so they choose to do business with you first.

Accura MIS Workflow Diagrams

Links to various Accura MIS Workflow Diagrams:



Implementation & Setup

Accura MIS: Accura System Build


 Use the Play button to animate and walk through the flowchart diagrams

Core Module

Accura MIS: Core Module – Overview of Basic Workflow

Core Module – Proofing

Accura MIS: Core Module – Email Proofing Workflow

Accura MIS: Core Module + AccuraOnline Proofing Workflow

Core Module – Invoicing

Accura MIS: Core Module – Overview of Invoicing Workflows

New Accura v5 Print MIS Release!



We are excited to announce the joint PUBLIC release of Accura v5.01 and AccuraOnline v5.0… the latest milestones in our product development.

Accura v5.01 is a “technology release” being the first version built on the latest development platform – Clarion 10 (previously Clarion 6). This provides many “under-the-hood” improvements and greater compatibility with today’s new operating systems and unlocks access to new technologies we can exploit in the future.

New Features in Accura v5.01 include:

• Over 30 fixes & enhancements
• Improved proof synchronisation & work-flow
• Offices can have multiple contacts
• Purchase-order copying & attachment support
• Embed CRM activities within Quotes, Orders, Proofs, Invoices
• New estimating table options for weight-based outwork & group/cycles sync
• New summary reporting options (various reports)
• Batch modifying of invoice dates

In short, too many changes/fixes to mention but you can download new features pdf, and the more detailed release notes pdf.

AccuraOnline v5 is “Web-to-print Reinvented!” AccuraOnline is UNIQUE in the marketplace – with seamless integration to the MIS, quote/order e-commerce, proofing, stock management, shopping cart and much more.

This exciting new release is a complete front-end re-write which introduces a new, modern, slick user-interface to maximize your customer’s user experience, and tools to give you greater flexibility over the branding, behaviour and appearance of the site.

The All-New AccuraOnline v5.0 highlights:

• All-new modern “Stripe” UI design
• 3 customisable built-in themes
• Fully mobile responsive (adapts to mobile or tablets)
• Slide manager (custom carousel images)
• Self-branding of client portals (unlimited branded portals)
• Menu & page builder (it can become your entire website if you wish)
• Improved proof work-flow with previews
• Improved store filtering (multiple choice)
• Product ownership by location (office)
• All HMTL5 – no flash! (works on iOS and Android)
• NO experience of coding, html/css or other web design skills needed!
• Social media & SEO-friendly

You can read more about AccuraOnline by clicking here.

When & how can I get it?

Upgrades will be rolling out in the coming days. In line with our support policy all valid support-contract holders are entitled to a FREE UPGRADE… even though AOv5 is such a major re-write!

If you are running Accura version 4.71 or above only (without Online) you can simply upgrade yourself.

NOTE: The installer requires a password – you will need to contact support for this so we can verify your details. Please ensure you have a backup of your data. Why not preview the new features pdf, and the more technical release notes pdf.

For more complex/larger systems or ANY that include AccuraOnline you will need to contact our support department to “book a slot” and we will assist you with the upgrade remotely.

How can I find out more, or what if I don’t have AccuraOnline?

We will be hosting a free webinar to highlight the new and exciting features of AccuraOnline v5 in the coming weeks. We will also be sending email broadcasts highlighting some of the new features in Accura and AccuraOnline and be posting on our LinkedIn Group.

Our LinkedIn Group it THE BEST way to stay in touch with what we’re doing. Quite honestly if you’re not a member you’re missing out big-time!

Contact Idealsolution for more information on this exciting new release.

Accura Enfocus Switch Lights Out Automation


Jordan Melick from Accura USA joins John Callahan and Ted Vahey from All Systems Integration for the Enfocus Solutions Summer Camp 2015 August 20 episode: “Lights Out Automation Through MIS Integration”.

The All Systems Integration team demonstrate custom integration options for the Accura MIS using Enfocus Switch and PitStop Server in the following webinar recording (55 minutes, 122mb download).

New Accura 4.71 Print MIS Release!

Accura Print-MIS Logo

ACCURA 4.71 & AccuraOnline 3.8 released 2nd June 2014

Idealsolution is pleased to announce that DDS have released the new version of the Accura Print-MIS and AccuraOnline eCommerce solutions!

Accura 4.71 is a major upgrade to the previous 4.60 release. This new release comprises approximately 15 months of development work, and includes a total of three new software add-on modules which are now available for purchase. Accura 4.71 also includes a large number of new features, smaller changes and maintenance fixes to the previous Accura release as a result of feedback from customers.

New Modules:

In addition to the optional Purchasing, Job Costing, Stock Control, CRM, RDC and AccuraOnline modules – new fully integrated modules include:

Production Scheduling – plan resources using a simple drag-and-drop, user configurable interface

Time and Attendance – “Bundy” time clocking and payroll reporting system

AccuraOnline Designer – PDF artwork editing via a simple B2B form designer or an optional fully interactive designer


Major New Features in v4.71 Include:

• New Custom Report Wizards – create your own quote, order, job costing and stock reports

• Email Spam Checking – integrated CRM module bulk email spam test rating

• Client & Supplier Enhancements – including the ability to set clients or suppliers to inactive status (by popular user demand)

• Resizable Quote & Order Windows – view more columns in quote workings and order items columns views

Record Checking Validation Workflow – optionally prevent “next stage” work on quotes, orders, purchase orders and sales invoices

• Redesigned Quote Template Library Window – direct to order button, browse query menu and bulk re-calculation of multiple quotes

• Quote Proposals – create orders directly from selected quote proposal items

• Custom Quote Impositions – facilitate quoting irregular imposition layouts such as nested labels

• Optional Extras Enhancements – auto prompt to select optional extras when quotes are converted to orders

Delivery Enhancements expanded tracking options, delivery charge invoice extras, bulk packing/palet/skid support

• Deposit Payment Workflow – deposit payment “proforma invoices”, auto deduct deposits from the final invoice

Purchasing Enhancements – Redesigned split browse purchase order window, new quick purchase invoice feature

In-House Product Printing – automated production of “in-house printing” to fulfil stocked product orders

• Order Requisitions – purchase materials/goods using the traditional PO or the new in-house “works order” job ticket/bag workflow

• RDC (Remote Data Capture) – interface redesign to support the new Time and Attendance and Production Scheduling modules

• Plus many other additions and refinements!

All clients with a current support contract for Accura are entitled to receive and install Accura 4.71 as part of their support contract benefits.

Contact Idealsolution for more information on this exciting new release.

Idealsolution Accura Print-MIS Newsletters


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Issue #005: June 2014 – Accura 4.71 New Release, Quick Start Accura 4.71 Upgrade Training

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Issue #003: April 2014 – Quote Outwork Tendering Feature, Accura CRM Module & Accura Training

Issue #002: March 2014 – Quote Follow-ups, Custom Toolbox & AccuraOnline Module

Issue #001: February 2014 – Backup Your Data Everyday, Estimate Analysis Report & Change Quote Outcome Status

Accura 4.60 Build 8 Released

Accura Print-MIS Logo

ACCURA version 4.60 Build 8 released 20th November 2012

DDS have released a new version of the Accura Print-MIS and AccuraOnline eCommerce solutions.

Accura 4.60 is a major upgrade to Accura 4.52 concentrating primarily on a powerful new HTML-based variable data email engine. Accura 4.60 also supports a major new version of AccuraOnline featuring simplified accounts management and online payment using PayPal. Accura 4.60 also includes minor features, changes and fixes to the previous Accura release as a result of feedback from customers.

Major New Features in v4.60 Include:


• COST RATE CALCULATOR: Establish what your true hourly cost rate is for each cost centre in your business using industry standard “cost-plus” principles. This new design, easy-to-use spreadsheet makes the task simple.

• CLIENT DEFAULT DISCOUNT: Link percentage-based discounts to clients. Discounts (or uplifts) are applied over and above the final mark-up profile price.

• PRICE LIST MARK-UP PROFILE: Implement price lists with unlimited pricing bands. Enter fixed quantities with corresponding fixed prices, with step or curve rate-type calculations for quantities falling in between two levels.

• OUTWORK TENDERING: Streamline the outwork tendering process from a single window with full control over the tendering behaviour.


• CLIENT SPECIFIC AUTO-INCLUDES: Save time and increase accuracy when estimating by automatically linking client specific labour, materials and outwork to individual clients.

• INACTIVE/DISCONTINUED MATERIALS: Reduce time to find materials by hiding old or out of date materials from new estimates and orders without deleting stock histories and activity.

• STOCK ALLOCATIONS REPORT: A new report to aid in the management of stock control has been added. The Stock Allocations Report can be sorted and subtotalled, filtered by stock type, location, group and subcategory.


• HTML & VARIABLE DATA EMAIL: A powerful new email/sms/fax engine with customisable templates has been added. Style email correspondence with HTML rich text features (colour, size, font weight, images links, etc) and variable data. The new email engine is available for standard emails (quote letters, order acknowledgement letters etc) and for mass emailing via the broadcast wizards found in the optional Accura CRM module.

• CRM EMAIL BROADCAST TRACKING: Receive detailed reporting on email campaigns sent from the Accura CRM module via the GroupMetrics online tracking system.


• Streamlined account management.

• New security access profiles and email control.

• PayPal payment support for credit card and PayPal account prepay customers.


Customers on support contract are reminded that they are entitled to this upgrade for free! Customers with AcccuraOnline will be required to have their website upgraded to v3.0 at the same as their Accura system is updated to v4.60. Contact Idealsolution for more information on this new release.

ProPrint Review: Accura Print-MIS at Printworks Australia

ProPrint Review: Accura Print-MIS at Printworks Australia

Printworks Australia general manager Ben Freeman took a punt by installing the first of this brand in Australia and recently followed this by opting for the web-to-print module.

Ben states: “The Accura MIS handles our jobs from start to finish, from putting a client into the system to producing their quote and producing job specs, proof notes and delivery dockets and invoicing. The web-to-print module enables the client to get their own quotes, approved jobs, order jobs and find out where the job is in the system. They can do it from anywhere – they don’t have to be at their computer. I’ve got clients that do it from their iPads. The website has been developed to use on any platform. Out of my clients, I’ve got 40 active users that use it quite heavily.”

The full article can be found at ProPrint online.

Accura Print-MIS Support: Live Text Chat

Accura Live Chat Support

Australian Accura Print-MIS users know that they can contact Idealsolution via phone, email or remote log-in for their Accura support. Australian customers may not know that they can also establish a live text chat session with local support at Idealsolution directly from the Accura toolbar or help menu. That’s right – live text chat support is built directly into Accura!

Simply select the Live Chat icon in the toolbar or select the Live Chat option in the help menu.

ProPrint News: Idealsolution Eyes SME Print Market with Accura Print-MIS


Printers have had the first glimpse of the new web-to-print module in the Accura Print-MIS as dealer Idealsolution wrapped up its Australian road shows. Accura’s international sales director, Alan Potter, travelled from the UK, where the system has more than 600 users, to support its Australian partners and demonstrate the new Accura Online web-to-print component.

The full article can be found at ProPrint online.

Idealsolution at Printex 2011

We are very excited to announce that Idealsolution will be exhibiting at Printex 2011 from May 4th-6th at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour on stand number 2520.

Come on down for demonstrations of the latest version 4.50 release of Accura Print-MIS which includes over 40 news features/enhancements, along with new developments in the AccuraOnline e-commerce module. Accura Print-MIS is one of the most advanced estimating, production, purchasing, job costing, stock control, crm, and web to print solutions.

Come and take the “Flexcel Challange” with the Kodak Flexcel NX system and experience gravure quality printing in a flexo system. Also, talk to our expert staff about Kodak accurate monitor proofing & creative workflow.

We look forward to seeing you there! For further information on Printex click here.

Accura appoint Idealsolution as new distributors for Australia

From the Accura Print-MIS website…

We are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Idealsolution as main distributor for the Accura Print-MIS product range across Australia. Idealsolution, who are based in Castle Hill near Sydney have a long history of providing pre-press solutions to the printing industry. Their areas of expertise include resellers and VARs for Apple Macinstosh equipment, colour managment and workflow software, as well as being a master distributor for Kodak solutions.

Alan Potter, Sales Director for Acura Print-MIS said: “The appointment of Idealsolution is great news for us, AND our Australian clients as it ensures the continued growth and success of Accura Print-MIS in Australia and will offer our 26 Australian sites with reassurance about our commitment to the market, and provide of a local team of dedicated professionals for installation, training and support”.

Andy Molnar, Managing Director at Idealsolution commented: “Me and my team are very excited about taking on the Accura Print-MIS product, which we know has a proven pedigree in the UK and here in Australia. We are very keen to work with them to quickly provide a complete infrastructure around the product”.

Whilst intiially there is an existing client-base to service, Idealsolution have already converted orders for several new sales prospects, which will be installed shortly, and have shown their commitment to Accura Print-MIS by signing up for a stand at the Printex 2011 show in Sydney this May.