ProPrint Review: Accura Print-MIS at Printworks Australia

Printworks Australia general manager Ben Freeman took a punt by installing the first of this brand in Australia and recently followed this by opting for the web-to-print module.

Ben states: “The Accura MIS handles our jobs from start to finish, from putting a client into the system to producing their quote and producing job specs, proof notes and delivery dockets and invoicing. The web-to-print module enables the client to get their own quotes, approved jobs, order jobs and find out where the job is in the system. They can do it from anywhere – they don’t have to be at their computer. I’ve got clients that do it from their iPads. The website has been developed to use on any platform. Out of my clients, I’ve got 40 active users that use it quite heavily.”

The full article can be found at ProPrint online.