Impact 2014 now available! With new features and enhanced functionality for designers and diemakers alike, Impact 2014 provides users with the tools to work faster and most efficiently than ever, allowing you to secure and strengthen your position in the market.

For Designers

A simplified Animation Editor sees the introduction of mirrored and more easily manipulated key frames, along with several new timeline enhancements.

New 3D Export support for AutoCAD DWG and Collada provides compatibility for augmented reality solutions and much more.

Significantly reduced 3D PDF file sizes, making them truly portable.

Various Interactive drawing tools enhancements makes drafting quicker and easier than ever before.

A new Sheet Layout Utilisation feature makes it possible to quickly determine the efficiency of a machine / sheet and pattern combination before entering the layout tool.

To compliment the new Sheet Layout Utilisation feature, an accompanying Layout Estimation plugin can help you compare any and every possible layout combination, offering final sheet/machine utilisation calculation, as well as indicators for total run length, and estimated waste.

Composite Layout improvements makes for quicker and easier composite layout generation.

The addition of a control for graphic transparency helps to aid the visibility of underlying design geometry.


For Diemakers

An enhanced Rotary Dieboard Split Tool offers greater control over split placement and geometry collision.

A new Forced/Remove Slot tool for the Stripper Creator hands the user even more control over the placement of internal and external slots.

New Conventional Stripper options support contouring first with male knives/claws/pins and then create a wooden block.

Many new features for Blanking Tools.


Something for everyone

AutoCAD 2013 DXF and DWG Import

Open Type Font support for greater cross-platform compatibility

Favourites for Symbols, Design Components, Plotter, Layout settings and many more, make often used settings quickly accessible.

IT-Administration – LDAP support, proving Impact logon with your Windows credentials.

Multilingual Settings mean everyday Master Tool Settings, Symbols and folders can now be translated to aid your company-wide database users across all languages.


A fully featured What’s New in Impact 2014 document can be downloaded from Arden Software, with more information available from the Impact product page.