Automated, intelligent PDF preflighting is a simple process with Accura and Enfocus PitStop Server!

Accura order PDF attachments and the corresponding XML job ticket are automatically routed to Enfocus PitStop Server. The PDF file is then processed using Enfocus Smart Preflight technology, using information from the Accura XML job ticket to automatically verify the contents PDF file.

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Accura XML Integration with Enfocus PitStop Server

Q: Can Accura help streamline or automate the PDF preflight process?
A: Yes! Accura’s Attachments/Orders directory can be set as an Input Folder for an Enfocus PitStop Server automated preflight & correction workflow …

When a local PDF file is attached to an order in Accura, it is automatically copied to the Accura server and prefixed with the job number. PitStop Server can monitor the Accura attachments folder and process the PDF files, generate reports and send email notifications.

Q: Can PDF preflighting be automated for orders submitted via the AccuraOnline e-commerce and web to print module?
A: Yes, the process is the same, whether the orders are initially raised offline directly in the MIS or online via the bi-directionally integrated MIS web to print portal.

Q: Isn’t there a “savvy” way to use the job ticket info from the Accura MIS with the PDF preflight process? What about XMP Metadata, JDF or XML?
A: Yes, automated, intelligent PDF preflighting is a simple process with Accura and Enfocus PitStop Server! …

Accura MIS Accura PDF Attachment Accura XML Job Ticket Integrator Utility for Accura MIS & Enfocus PitStop Server Enfocus PitStop Server Hot Folder Move XML Job TicketCopy & Rename PDF Attachment

Idealsolution configure a simple integration utility, automatically feeding the PDF artwork and corresponding XML job ticket from the Accura MIS to Enfocus PitStop Server. The PDF file is then automatically processed using Enfocus Smart Preflight technology …

Enfocus Smart Preflight technology provides a built-in method to link user selected variable data from a JDF/XML based job ticket to the PDF preflight profile. The Accura XML job ticket provides job specific information that is then verified against the supplied PDF file.

Common information from the Accura MIS that can be used for the Smart Preflight includes: Finished Trim Size, Number of Pages, Number of Colours on Face or Reverse

The Accura MIS can seamlessly pass PDF and XML data to Enfocus PitStop Server for hands free, automated preflighting and correction. Automated 24/7/365 preflight & correction;  spend more time on profitable, billable tasks; improved client satisfaction & reduced error

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