As the exclusive Australian distributor for Kodak Approval consumables, Idealsolution offers the following products:

  • Kodak Approval Donors in CMYK, Orange, Green, Blue, Silver and White
  • Kodak Approval Intermediate
  • Kodak Approval Pre-Laminate (sheets)
  • Kodak Approval Pre-Coat (sheets)
  • Kodak Approval De-gloss (sheets)
  • Kodak Approval Clear Receiver (sheets)

NEW: Read about the free Kodak Recipe Color Profiler for Kodak Approval NX!

Take a tour of the Kodak Recipe Color Profiler at the Kodak Grow Your Biz Blog.

Did you know that Kodak have introduced a wide gamut donor set to assist in building spot colour recipes? The New Kodak Approval Packaging Colour Donors substantially expand the range of achievable colours, enabling you to reach more spot, corporate and brand colours and create package design proofs and 3D mockups that look identical to the final product on the store shelf. More on this at the Kodak Grow Your Biz blog.