CGS ORIS Flex Pack // Web

Idealsolution are proud to be the first to demonstrate the CGS ORIS Flex Pack // Web packaging proofing and mock-up solution to the Australian packaging design and production sector.

Still using slow and expensive legacy systems for your packaging proofing needs? Then ORIS is your answer. Huge savings in consumables costs. And no dedicated operator required. ORIS Flex Pack // Web is bringing you uniquely web-based hard copy and soft proofing in one package.

At the heart of the application is the patented four-dimensional iterative colour management software which, combined with a specially designed custom interface for Roland VersaCAMM VS series printers, gives you the ultimate in production flexibility for halftone and continuous tone proofing.

All printer features, such as multi-pass and print-and-cut, are supported and the included Pantone colour libraries enable proofing of special colours, with the possibility of defining custom colours. Furthermore, ORIS Flex Pack // Web offers integrated soft proofing and proof certification. Available as an option is a connection to the Esko colour Engine spot colour library.

Roland VersaCAMM VS Series
The revolutionary eco-solvent printer is available in four different sizes from 30 – 64 inch. In addition to a white and metallic ink, it features Orange and Green, with the specially developed ORIS XG Inks, allowing the production of contract quality proofs and prototypes on substrates similar to the original stock, used in flexible packaging. The printer also includes a ‘Print & Cut’ function to produce adhesive labels and decals, fully supported by the software application.

ORIS Special Substrates
Not all substrates for eco-solvent printers are made equal. Most are low cost products designed for less demanding applications such as signage and posters. In an environment where colour accuracy and repeatability are essential, a high grade coating with a wide colour gamut is required. CGS has developed a wide range of ORIS specialty substrates, manufactured to the highest quality under extremely tight tolerances, guaranteed to bring you the best in packaging proofing. ORIS media even include an exclusive transfer film, serving as a mechanical primer for original stock, such as carton.

ORIS Special XG Inks
Unlike the standard inks, XG inks have been specifically formulated for proofing applications. The light inks (Lc, Lm) have been replaced with orange and green and the CMYK set has been completely redefined. As a result, the printable colour space is significantly larger, so that almost all Pantone colours can be reproduced accurately, a prerequisite for proofing high-quality packaging.

ORIS Turbo Heater
To ensure uniform drying and to prevent substrates sticking together, especially when printing small repeats, which are to be cut off immediately, CGS has developed an optional add-on dryer that easily fits to the output section of the VS printer.