Launching the FLEXCEL NX System ’16 to further drive on-press efficiencies.

Chris Payne, Kodak’s General Manager of Flexographic Packaging Solutions writes:

“I’ve had numerous discussions with our FLEXCEL NX customers from all parts of the world to understand for myself why they choose Kodak technology. We have an install base of over 450 FLEXCEL NX Systems globally and a plate business that’s growing at more than 20% per year so I know we are doing something right – but what is our technology REALLY doing for our customers’ businesses? The discussions were fascinating and I came away with three key learnings, all of which have helped shape the latest FLEXCEL NX System which we’ll be launching at drupa this year;

• Our customers truly value the on-press efficiencies that FLEXCEL NX Plates drive
• Our customers have gained a reputation for delivering the ‘gold standard’ for print quality
• Our customers’ businesses are growing and are in investment mode

On-press efficiencies emerged as the primary reason that printers keep using FLEXCEL NX Plates on a daily basis. It may not have been why they tried them in the first place but it’s what keeps them coming back. Not a complete surprise. We did design them that way. But extremely interesting and gratifying to hear the magnitude of the impact they are having. I heard about;

• increases in press yield and therefore available press time (15-20% increase in productivity for some customers);
• extended plate life (50% longer for some customers)
• ink savings and reductions in substrate waste (15% savings for some customers);
to mention just a few.

It’s clear that for flexo printers to stay competitive and at the leading-edge of their field a flexo plate today must not only be capable of addressing the quality demands from their brand clients but also maximize the capital investment they have made, or are about to make, in the pressroom – and it’s inspired us to take the entire FLEXCEL NX Platform to the next level with FLEXCEL NX System ’16.

Included with FLEXCEL NX System ’16, which I recently announced to the global trade media at a pre-drupa Press Conference, is a set of advanced software features and on-site services developed to further maximize on-press efficiencies with FLEXCEL NX Plates while maintaining the Kodak ‘gold standard’ for print quality and consistency. We build upon the award-winning NX Advantage feature set and introduce brand new NX Implementation Services to help printers get the best out of Kodak plates in the pressroom and an associated Kodak Certification Program that will enable them to publicly promote their capabilities. I’ve found, almost universally, that business is booming for FLEXCEL NX Plate users. They are increasing their plant yields and investing in new presses – it’s a critical time to make sure they have the best tools and best practices to maximize their return on investment – and we are here to help.

Since we introduced the FLEXCEL NX System eight years ago at drupa 2008, we have continued to innovate and develop our advanced technology platform, scooping up on average a major industry innovation award every two years, and expanding the portfolio to address the needs of customers across the broadest range of flexo applications from wide web flexible to narrow web labels and everything in between. Most recently we have added the post-print corrugated segment to the list of markets we serve with the FLEXCEL NX System and at drupa we’re looking forward to sharing how FLEXCEL NX System ’16 and our FLEXCEL NXC Plate can bring unprecedented efficiency and quality benefits to corrugated box plants.

It’s only appropriate that we would launch FLEXCEL NX System ’16 at drupa, the largest print exhibition in the world. We have new technology and powerful performance data to share with visitors and what better forum than one where members of the global printing community congregate to unveil the latest products and technology.

At the Kodak stand we will be inviting printers that aren’t using FLEXCEL NX Plates today to take up the Kodak challenge and prove the efficiencies to themselves.

Stop by and visit the Kodak Quarter at drupa. My team and I will be ready to meet you there!”


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