Idealsolution and Kodak have an exciting new offering that will significantly reduce your operating costs of making recipe colours. It’s free of charge and ready to download from the Kodak e-Central site.

One of the key differentiators of the Kodak Approval System is its ability to render spot colours accurately. We call it “Kodak Recipe Colours.” We have now improved the process for setting up recipes, making it faster and easier than ever.

With Kodak Recipe Color Profiler, developing spot colour recipes is easy to do, and time and cost of materials is reduced significantly. If you are an Approval NX System user, download this tool now and save time, labor and material cost.

Export a recipe library in a selectable format for any of the following implementations: Kodak Proofing Software (KPS), Approval Interface Toolkit (AIT) software, EskoArtwork FlexRip or NexusRIP, Global Graphics Harlequin HQ RIP, text-based report for spreadsheet software.

Key Benefits:

  • Only one software tool required
  • Available for easy download from Kodak e-Central site. No service visit or technical training needed
  • Works with any combination of Approval colour donors with any proof laydown order
  • Use with Kodak White and Silver donors, CMYK and CMYKOGB donor sets and wide range of substrates
  • Single and batch processing of recipe recommendations
  • Generate Delta E information on spot colours outside the proof condition gamut
  • Integrated control of X-Rite spectrophotometers for chart and spot measurements
  • Multiple Approval systems can share a single recipe profile.
  • Runs on Approval workstation or comparable PC
  • Approval Host Software 2.2.4 or later required
    Take a tour of the Kodak Recipe Color Profiler at the Kodak Grow Your Biz Blog
    How do I get Recipe Color Profiler?

    Kodak Recipe Color Profiler is available free of charge. Software is limited to Approval NX System users only. To download the software and learn how to use it, visit: . At e-Central, go to “Self Support”, “Downloads” choose “Approval” and select “Kodak Recipe Color Profiler” in the product search. You can also contact us for more information or help in downloading this software.

    Kodak Recipe Color Profiler Splash Screen