Accura Print-MIS: Installation, Support & Training

As the Australian distributor for the Accura Print-MIS System, Idealsolution are proud to offer our customers local installation, upgrades, server migration and general support or training.

ICC Colour Profiling Service

Idealsolution offer off-site and on-site ICC profiling for output devices such as inkjet proofers, Kodak Approval halftone proofers or for digital and traditional analogue printing presses. We also offer creation of specialised CMYK ICC DeviceLink profiles. ICC DeviceLink profiles directly link two device profiles together avoiding re-separation of solid CMY primary colours, solid CMY secondary colour overprints while also retaining the source K channel data. For proofing, DeviceLink profiles can also be configured to “zero out” or remove the paper white media simulation while retaining the accuracy of all other colours.

Epson: Printer Support

Idealsolution provide first level support to our clients for Epson printers during the first year warranty period.

Kodak: Proofing Support

As a Kodak Master Distributor, Idealsolution provide preventative maintenance and general support for Kodak Approval hardware and consumables. Additionally, Idealsolution are pleased to offer support for the Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System, including Kodak Proofing Software and Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Media.

Idealsolution Remote Support

In addition to on-site support, Idealsolution offer remote software support to our clients via TeamViewer software.

TeamViewer Remote Support Software

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport v10 for MS Windows.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport v10 for Mac OS.

Once you have downloaded the TeamViewer QuickSupport file, run the program and inform Idealsolution of the I.D. code and the password for the remote support session.

Aus Toll Free: (+61 2) 8405 8888 or email Idealsolution.