Accura Print MIS

Accura MIS is the complete solution for your printing company – whether you are Digital, Wide-format, Litho, Web-offset, Labels or Flexographic. Our complete “end-to-end” solution is one of the few systems to offer fully integrated CRM, MIS, and Web2Print is one solution. We don’t think of these as separate solutions – they are ONE THING, seamlessly interacting with each other… afterall, what is the point of Web2Print if it is standalone? – we call that “Web to nowhere”! Few MIS solutions for the printing industry offer the Ease-of-use, Scalability, Power, Flexibilty and Affordability of the Accura MIS. We believe choosing an MIS is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business, you need to be looking long-term, and you need to look beyond the product to the company behind it.

MIS Core Functionality

The Accura MIS comes out of the box with all the tools your business needs. Comprising of several feature laden modules, you can be converting quotes to orders at the touch of a button or delivering your orders to multiple destinations. With sales invoicing included as standard, you can also export your invoices into most major accounts packages with ease, no need for double entry.

The core modules – Estimating, Order Processing, Proofing, Deliveries and Sales Invoicing integrate seamlessly meaning you can have a quick and efficient workflow. Most operations, such as converting a quote to an order or raising delivery notes and invoices, link together with just a couple of clicks of the mouse meaning valuable time saved and a reduction in manual input and double entry.

CRM Module

Does your Customer Relationship Management system truly integrate with your MIS? Does it allow you to send e-shots directly to your client base? Can your sales team and CSRs call a customer and instantly pull up quote, order and invoice details all from one window? With Accura CRM, you can do all this….. and more.

The Accura CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module is one of the few truly integrated Print MIS CRM systems available. It adds a unique set of ‘front-end’ Sales and Customer Service functions for your business, directly replacing commercially available CRM packages such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, Maximizer etc.

Production Scheduling Module

The latest in the range of additional modules for Accura is Production Scheduling. Production Scheduling provides real-time, visual, drag-and-drop planning of processes in the workflow cycle by department and resource.

Purchase Ordering and Stock Control Modules

Two other add-on modules are available to complement order processing, Purchase Ordering and Stock Control. These two modules further expand the versatility of Accura MIS, allowing you to order goods and services with just a few mouse clicks and keep accurate stock levels for both raw materials and finished goods.

Remote Data Capture Module

Accura Remote Data Capture (RDC) is a cost efficient way of improving productivity throughout your business. Instead of factory operators manually filling in time sheets or material issues forms, which then needs keying into the MIS, or walking to the office to raise proof notes or delivery notes, they can have their own Accura RDC terminal at a fraction of the cost of a full Accura licence without impacting on the yearly support subscription.

Time and Attendance Module

Accura RDC also has an additional add-on module, designed to replace “Bundy” clock on/off systems.

Job Costing Module

The AccuraMIS Job Costing module extends the system to provide actual job cost, profitability, job tracking data and management information. It integrates seamlessly with the Estimating, Production, Stock Control and Remote Data Capture modules to return real-time data to give you the power to asses your business performance.

Multi Company Module

So what happens if you have more than one company or brand; do you need separate system which could maybe doubles the price of the installation or more as with some MIS providers? Not with Accura MIS Multi Company. The multi company module allows you to control and adminster from 2 to 99 separate databases all at the fraction of the cost of separate systems.

ODBC Drivers

The Accura ODBC File Drivers allow any data from Accura to be displayed and used in an external program, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Business Objects Crystal Reports or similar. Once configured, the ODBC Drivers maintain a ‘live’ link between the Accura database and the external program, so any changes made in Accura will be dynamically updated in the external program.

Web to Print Module

AccuraOnline links seamlessly to the Accura MIS, enabling you to give YOUR customers direct access to your Accura MIS system 24/7 through a secure browser interface. You control who has access to the site by username and passwords. You can also control what areas of the website users can uses by fully configurable user profiles down to contact level.

Why is AccuraOnline different? Most “Web-2-Print” solutions are very costly and focus primarily on online ordering (storefront). They have only a very basic or no estimating or order tracking and no links with MIS systems. If your MIS doesn’t integrate with your web 2 print solution, double entry will become the norm. You’ll need your clients, quotes, orders and products in both systems. You may have to pay for “integration services” i.e. programmers to essentially link the W2P with the MIS to “suck in” orders… and not just once, but potentially for every update to either system.

AccuraOnline eliminates all this by offering full MIS integration, no double-entry, no duplicate database setup in the backend, seamless and bi-directional real-time… live quotes, order history, repeat ordering, copy delivery notes & invoicing, proofing, stock-feeds, file upload, in-line artwork editing to hi-res PDF, no hidden costs, just out-of-the-box up and running in 48 hours.

Online Proofing: Another fantastic feature of Accura Online is the ability for clients to be able to view, download and respond to proofs. This then links back to Accura, informing your studio manager of the client’s response and changing the status of the order automatically.

Web Store Option: Do you hold products or inventory for your clients? Use the AccuraOnline webstore to let your customers call-off their own products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Part of the default suite of AccuraOnline features, the web store allows your customers to browse their products, view current stock levels and order them – when they want. Using the familiar “basket – checkout” formula means your clients can easily select their items and place their orders. They can even pay online using PayPal. All this means a reduction in phone calls and administration time for you.

Artwork Editing Option: eDocBuilder© is the web-to-print and variable data engine behind AccuraOnline. This “cloud-hosted” proven technology enables your clients to customise their own artwork, self-proof, and submit without leaving the AccuraOnline web interface. eDocBuilder© uses “templates” that you create using your existing skill-set and design software such as Adobe InDesign© or QuarkXpress©. So unlike some other systems there is nothing NEW to learn, and you don’t need to keep coming back to us to write, or tweak your templates. eDocBuilder© is proven technology that is the backbone of many existing web-to-print solutions on the market. We have seamlessly integrated this unique engine into the AccuraOnline product suite as an optional module.

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