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Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Colour Platform

Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Colour Platform

The Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Colour Platform can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing photographic image quality from job to job and day to day.

Featuring flexible and scaleable options including a fifth imaging unit, pile feeder (pictured above), roll feeder, in-line finishing/feeding accessories and an additional second front end processing node. A new 914 mm long-sheet option, you’ll be able to print 6-page brochures or 3-up letters, as well as deliver more impositions per page, maximizing output and reducing waste.

With proven compatibility with over 800 substrates, you can produce a wide range of products to meet market needs. Accept client supplied stocks with the ability to adjust the press to the unique characteristics of the substrate. The Kodak NexPress SX can print on coated, uncoated and synthetic – including offset stock or other specialty substrates from 60-350 gsm.

Offer your customers a choice of surface finish, including ultra-smooth high gloss, satin protection finish, watermarking, matte finish, spot gloss and textured dimensional finish.

Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions include: gold, pearlescent and neon pink. Dimensional printing, gloss/spot gloss, red fluorescing and MICR inks for security printing, HD light black and red, green or blue ink for color gamut expansion.

Featuring Operator Replaceable Components, your press operators can service, maintain, fine-tune and replace critical press parts with the help of powerful on-board diagnostic tools – eliminating the downtime of a service call, waiting for a technician to arrive, diagnose and repair a problem.

The Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Colour Press is available in three models – SX2700 (up to 91 ppm), SX3300 (up to 109 ppm) SX3900 (up to 131 ppm).

Please contact Idealsolution or visit the Kodak website for more information on the Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Colour Platform