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Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System & Kodak Proofing Software

Kodak Proofing Software ImageThe Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System allows you to deliver colour accurate proofs that you can trust to predict print results. The solution includes powerful Kodak Proofing Software, Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Media, workflow connectivity, workstation, spectrophotometer and one of the latest drop-on-demand inkjet printers from Epson or Hewlett-Packard. Popular proofing models include Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, WT7900, 9900 and HP DesignJet Z2100.

Kodak Proofing Software plays a critical role in creating reliable inkjet proofs. The software is easy to use and includes a calibration wizard that enables you to quickly and accurately calibrate your printer for consistency proof-to-proof and proofer-to-proofer. When used with Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Media, Kodak Proofing Software provides highly accurate proofs. Kodak provides an extensive range of colour profiles and media configurations for Matchprint Inkjet Media, including international colour standards such as ISO 12647 / PSO / FOGRA, 3DAP, GRACoL #1 and SWOP.

Kodak Proofing Software is a robust and scaleable client-server system that runs on a dedicated server. Client software for Mac and Windows OS, enables multiple people to use the system directly from their desktops. The product is easily customised and configured, with users only needing limited knowledge of the software for day to day use. Using the latest RIP technology, Kodak Proofing Software can process PDF files natively via the built in Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) with the option to support legacy Adobe PostScript workflows with the Configurable PostScript Interpreter Engine (CPSI).

Enabled by Kodak Proofing Software, the Kodak Certified Process for Colour Confirmation (CPCC) helps reduce errors by checking that the proof was generated according to in-house or industry colour standards. It confirms that the correct profile was used and that the proofer was correctly calibrated, providing confidence well beyond checking the colour bar alone. If all checks are met, a proof-specific certification label with the Kodak Certified Process stamp is printed and applied to the proof for visible confirmation of correct colour.

Kodak Proofing Software supports industry standards including ISO 12647 / PSO / FOGRA, 3DAP, GRACoL #1 and SWOP. With advanced colour management capabilities, Kodak Proofing Software uses industry standard ICC DeviceLink profiles to simulate a target colour space and retain black channel information. Advanced screening and calibration technology allows you to translate colour from one output device to another, use built-in spot colour libraries, or generate your own user library.

Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing System and Kodak Proofing Software is available in three editions: Basic, Commercial or Packaging — to allow a configuration that best fits your proofing needs.

Kodak Approval NX System

Kodak Approval NX ImageThe Kodak Approval NX Digital Colour Imaging System is a complete solution of hardware, software, and consumables that accurately proofs process, spot, white and metallic colours for offset, flexo, or gravure printing. The Approval NX System is capable of producing both colour-accurate contract proofs and packaging mockups, helping ensure precise colour between the approved packaging design and the final printed package.

The Kodak Approval NX System is a powerful tool for managing the increasing number of spot, custom and brand colours in packaging. New packaging donor sets extend the achievable colour gamut to reach even more spot, customer or brand colours employed in today’s visually striking package designs.

Using Kodak Recipe Colour Technology, Kodak Approval Digital Donors are dynamically combined to accurately predict both process and spot colours. Unlike other halftone and inkjet proofing solutions that produce spot colours as a process build, the Kodak Approval NX System produces a colour accurate spot dot. Recipe Colour Technology accounts for variations in printing methods, inks, substrates, and screening to define specific colours incorporating colour characteristics needed to print correctly on the exact substrate used in the final printed piece.

A major advantage of the Kodak Approval System is its ability to transfer images onto custom stocks or substrates. Not only is it possible to image on production stock, colour can be successfully managed across substrates. In addition to production stock, boards, PET and PVC plastics, flexible material such as clear poly and metal substrates can all be used for colour accurate proofing or mockups.

The Approval NX System proofs the identical data destined for flexo or CTP output devices – including screening, predicting issues such as moiré or trapping and overprinting errors before plates are made.

NEW: Read about the free Kodak Recipe Color Profiler for Kodak Approval NX HERE!

Did you know that Kodak have introduced a wide gamut donor set to assist in building spot colour recipes? The New Kodak Approval Packaging Colour Donors substantially expand the range of achievable colours, enabling you to reach more spot, corporate and brand colours and create package design proofs and 3D mockups that look identical to the final product on the store shelf. More on this at the Kodak Grow Your Biz blog.

Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology & Kodak InSite Creative Workflow System

The Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology is an optional component of the Kodak InSite Creative Workflow System. Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology allows users who run Apple Mac OS X systems with an approved, calibrated colour monitor in controlled lighting conditions to perform colour-accurate virtual proofing of files in the Kodak Smart Review proofing client. After the monitor is calibrated against a colour target, a file can be checked in Smart Review for colour accuracy and then approved, rejected, or marked for corrections.

Please contact Idealsolution or visit the Kodak website for more information on Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology.

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