Packaging Workflow

Kodak Prinergy Powerpack: Proven Productivity Solutions for Packaging & Converting

Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow solutions deliver outstanding performance and reliability, along with best in class productivity and connectivity options. With a range of modular solutions, which suit any business requirements and the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine, Prinergy Powerpack Workflow is transforming workflows and driving exceptional efficiency through the entire packaging production process.

  • End to-end PDF workflow compatible with all popular file formats; supports popular proofing and output devices
  • Managed production environment increases throughput, productivity and transparency in prepress
  • Exceptional output quality via Staccato and Maxtone screening, HyperFlex plate resolution enhancement, and Spotless printing technologies
  • Powerful suite of production tools – PDF Compare, PDF Merge, Advanced Trap Editor, PDF PlateBuilder and DotShop – increases efficiency in prepress
  • Eliminate time-consuming task of press sheet layout through automation
  • Integrated with Oracle database provides
  • NEW! Packaging Layout Automation Software

Packaging Layout Automation Software is a powerful new optional feature that automates the time-consuming task of press sheet layout, eliminating manual steps and reducing operator error. It performs packaging-specific layouts using Kodak Prinergy Rules-Based Automation Software and is especially valuable when dealing with complex layouts, such as when multiple jobs are combined on a single press sheet.

  • An automated solution for ganging several jobs on one sheet
  • Automatically processes jobs upon receipt of JDF or XML files from MIS/ERP systems
  • Maximizes media usage and reduces waste
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Reduces operator error
  • Eliminates the need for thousands of layout templates
  • Imports Pandora Software edits directly (no need to open Pandora Software)
  • No need to use ShopMap to validate equipment capabilities
  • Removes time-consuming, low-value tasks from the workflow, allowing operators to focus on higher-value, billable tasks


The PRINERGY CONNECT & POWERPACK System and Rules-based Automation.

Illustrates the power of the newest release of PRINERGY Rules-based Automation (RBA).

Trapping with the PRINERGY Workflow System

Defines trapping, why it is important, and the various components of the PRINERGY Workflow System that support trapping.