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Kodak InSite Creative Workflow System

Kodak InSite Creative Workflow ImageKodak InSite Creative Workflow software provides a platform for web-based collaboration with partners and clients on creative projects — with flexible file sharing, proofing and reviewing, and an audit trail that stores every task and approval.

The InSite Creative Workflow System is a solution that enables teamwork and improves the efficiency of creative development. InSite Creative Workflow integrates with Kodak’s portal tools for a complete creative-to-press workflow.

Share, proof, and approve files over the Internet, track project status, and support your creative professionals while keeping tight control over content creation, with the Kodak InSite Creative Workflow System. The InSite Creative Workflow System provides a powerful, yet intuitive server based system for centrally organising creative projects.

The Kodak Smart Review Proofing Client is an included system feature, so multiple stakeholders can simultaneously review images and files over the Internet. With Smart Review, each reviewer works on the full-resolution production file (pixel streaming technology allows large files to be accessed remotely). Reviewers can zoom in to the pixel level and measure sizes, check colors with a densitometer, make annotations on images, approve or reject files, and compare recent to previous versions. Almost all native file types can be reviewed, even video files.

Advanced color management tools are included, for handling spot colors and RGB files, and selecting color targets. Optionally, Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology can be included, for SWOP certified color-accurate monitor proofing using qualified calibrated monitors under controlled lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Task-based approval workflow with history and audit trail
  • Real time content sharing and collaboration
  • Password protected access for users and customers
  • Easy-to-use tools allow multiple users to share and collaborate on creative content simultaneously
  • Flexible, secure user access controls ensure client confidentiality
  • Fast, easy-to-use uploading/downloading with no need for an FTP server
  • Built-in Kodak Smart Review System provides powerful tools for detailed proofing and reviewing
  • Optional Kodak Matchprint Virtual Technology provides color-accurate monitor proofing

Example InSite Creative Workflow configuration:

Value added service hosted by Pre Press provider which is used by Brand Owners, Creative, Pre Press and Converter.

The system is flexible, allowing any party in the chain to host and offer the service to their partners. The server could be owned and based anywhere – from the brand owner to the converter or printer.

ICW Partner Chain Image