Our portfolio of analog photopolymer plates create high quality results across a broad range of applications.

Looking for analog flexo plates that give brand owners the confidence in their brand packaging? KODAK FLEXCEL SR Plates produce reliable, consistent results across the breadth of packaging materials – while helping you achieve high productivity and efficient workflow. As well as the resilience for high press speeds, FLEXCEL SR Plates have the durability for repeat print runs.

Combine FLEXCEL SR Plates with our KODAK DITR Film, to create an imaging partnership for uniform ink transfer and full tonal range for your designs.

Explore the plate features and durometer options to find the best plate match for your next project.


A premium, high-durometer plate developed specifically for the most challenging jobs that have fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements. Print on a variety of substrates – from envelopes to flexible packaging – maintaining uniform ink transfer on high-speed, and, repeat print runs.



Mid-range durometer plates, designed for fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements. FLEXCEL SRM Plates are specifically developed to print on the widest variety of substrates, from tissue to flexible film, together with the range of inks from water to solvent based.


Utilizing all of the finish and long-life features of the FLEXCEL SR Plate range, our low-durometer photopolymer FLEXCEL SRC and FLEXCEL SRC-K plates are ideal for halftone reproduction on coarse board. The tack-free plate surface enables increased quality on coarser substrates, with the thicker FLEXCEL SRC-K Plates allowing unexposed photopolymer to be removed, improving process efficiency