Accounting Integration

AccuraSync provides seamless, bi-directional integration between Accura and a range of online accounting platforms including Xero®, QuickBooks Online®, MYOB® and Sage One®.

Now there is no need to export/import data between systems, all updates to clients, suppliers, invoices/credits, account “on-stop” status and payments/balances are synchronised in the background.

Module Advantages

• Real-time updates

• Saves time correcting errors

• Bi-directional

• Updates payment status

• Seamless Sync

• Updates account balances

• No file export needed

• Set and forget technology

The AccuraSync module is a one-time purchase that once setup will ensure your Accura and accounting platforms are kept in-sync using a background task – without any user intervention or needing to export & re-import data.

The “magic” is done using a background service running on your server. Ther is an initial setup process whereby data from your accounts and Accura is “mapped” and an initial sync performed.

Thereafter the synchroniser takes care of everything – you don’t need to do anything, just use Accura normally. Each time you create or edit a client/supplier, each time you post an invoice it is replicated in your accounting system. Likewise, when you update your accounting system with new accounts, credit limits, on-stop status, change tax-rates, currencies, or post payments – this all syncs with Accura in the background.