The production scheduling module provides a real-time visual resource planning board using dynamic views with a drag and drop user interface.

Each job process is given an allocated time slot in sequence and the schedule is updated in real-time from remote data capture workstations as tasks are started and stopped.

Module Advantages

• Visual and interactive

• Auto-Plan “feature”

• Unlimited resources

• Real-time updates

• Varying shift times

• Job tracking data

• Easy Drag/Drop UI

• Identify spare capacity

Modern printing is a fast-paced industry where make-ready times have reduced dramatically and digital printing has brought about shorter runs and faster turnaround. Without a way to effectively plan and track work you can quickly lose control of what’s going through the factory, which can lead to missed deadlines and unhappy customers.

The Accura scheduling module extends the core system allowing you to plan each process minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour, across each resource in your factory. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface you can build-up a job project process-by-process creating time block “events” for each resource in sequence. You can easily see where there is spare capacity, potential conflicts, if a shift needs extending and the status of live tasks.