The Remote Data Capture (RDC) module provides a simple keyboard and/or barcode user interface for factory operators to record real-time data, thus updating costing, scheduling and job tracking status.

This module integrates seamlessly with the Job Costing, Scheduling and Stock Control modules whereby operators log-on and log-off of processes to record accurate times and issue materials in real-time.

Module Advantages

• Real-time “live” data

• Paperless system

• Integrates seamlessly

• Highly accurate

• RDC workstations shared

• Tamper-proof

• Updates the schedule

• Tracking Data

Remote Data Capture forms an integral function in keeping the Accura MIS updated with costs, process times, tracking information and notifications of issues or delays through a simple, minimalist user-interface known as the “RDC Console”. Unlike manual time sheet entry methods which can be manipulated by operators and are quickly out of date, RDC works by operators logging-on or logging-off of processes.

RDC thus provides real-time data whereby all activity is tracked and monitored meaning it is more accurate, immediate and tamperproof. Typically RDC workstations are positioned at strategic points around the factory and shared amongst operators so a separate software license is not needed for each employee.

For example, you could have just four workstations spread amongst the studio, pre-press, pressroom and finishing departments – all shared by perhaps 20 staff.