Job Costing

The Job Costing module extends the core system to provide actual job costs, profitability, WIP, value-added, job-tracking, and detailed management reporting.

Data updates are provided via seamless integration with the Estimating, Production, Stock Control and Remote Data Capture modules to offer real-time tracking, actual hours/cost recording for analysis and comparison with the estimate.

Module Advantages

• Accurate profit analysis

• Auto charging of extras

• WIP Valuation

• Cost centre analysis

• Estimate vs actual 

• Operator performance

• Value-added reporting

• Live job tracking data

If you don’t currently record costing data you probably rely on your accounting system to indicate your profitability. When trade is good this can work fine, but when profits are slashed and there is not a steady stream of work, this method is unreliable and dangerous.

Accounting software rarely indicates where the profit or loss has occurred or gives any kind of analysis as to the efficiency of internal resources or analysis by specific job. Inevitably the same mistakes get made repeatedly every time a job is estimated or an order re-printed. As a business owner, what you really need is to know where problems in production have occurred and which orders are affected, then you can analyse why and take corrective action if necessary.