eDocBuilder® is a plug-in for AccuraOnline which adds full web to print capabilities. Artwork templates can be edited by the client in-browser and a hi-resolution PDF files generated for download and output.

eDocBuilder® is a proven variable data engine technology developed by Aleyant Systems LLC, which is widely embedded within many established web to print solutions.

Module Advantages

• Hosted solution

• Zero-touch print ready PDF 

• Standard PDF workflow

• No upload/click charges

• Reduce prepress time

• No need for FTP

• No Flash iOS compatible

• Variable data support

eDocBuilder® enables your clients to edit their own artwork templates in-browser, self proof and submit with their order for immediate print-on-demand. The result is an optimal customer experience and reduced “touch-points” for you.

eDocBuilder® uses PDF “templates” created from artwork designed using your preferred solution such as Adobe InDesign®. This workflow means that unlike some other web to print systems, you do not need to learn a new proprietary design package, or pay vendor template design fees.

Templates may be created using a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign® or modified in Adobe Acrobat Pro® to assign variable data fields. Additionally, the form setup can also be performed directly within the eDocBuilder® software.