Stock Control

The Stock Control module extends the core system to provide management of both raw materials and finished products.

Stock records are created along with optional images and integration with Job Costing, Remote Data Capture and Purchasing modules updates the allocated, onhand, on-order and valuation figures.

Module Advantages

• Always have enough

• Automated purchasing

• Inventory warehousing

• Activity reports

• Stock re-order reminders

• Price averaging

• Valuation reminders

• Integration with RDC

Finding out you don’t have sufficient material to run a job when it’s too late or that no-one ordered the paper in time can be embarrassing
and potentially costly, leading to client dissatisfaction.

Many printers buy raw materials on a “just-in-time“ basis, whereby they order for each job as it arrives and hold minimal stock. This does make sense for rarely used items to save on warehouse space and not tie up money in stock. However, for fast moving lines some kind of stock management is still important. Furthermore your clients may want you to store finished products in the warehouse so they can call them off as needed. This is a service many printers are now offering to provide value-added services to the clients and retain their business. Even if clients have not yet asked, you might like to consider promoting this option.

Managing stock by hand is a large-scale tedious paperwork exercise, taking many man hours. The Accura Stock and Inventory module allows you to handle this smoothly and efficiently.