The Accura Purchase ordering module enables you to raise purchase orders for materials, outwork, or sundries, which you can print, fax or email direct to your suppliers. You can also track orders to see what goods are outstanding, and monitor pricing trends.

This module integrates with the job costing module to update outwork costs of jobs in real-time and updates stock balances when deliveries come in.

Module Advantages

• Always have enough

• Automated purchasing

• Inventory warehousing

• Activity reports

• Stock re-order reminders

• Price averaging

• Valuation reminders

• Integration with RDC

What benefits does Purchase Ordering offer?

  • IReduces errors, and disputes
  • IBulk order for best pricing
  • IAgree your terms & theirs up front
  • IEasily match invoices to orders
  • IMonitor delivery status
  • IUse “just-in-time” ordering
  • IOrder exact quantity required, no waste

Let’s face it, raising purchase orders manually is tedious and time-consuming, it’s easier to just pick up the telephone. If there is a good relationship with the supplier, this style of “verbal agreement” can work fine… until something goes wrong!

In today’s fast-moving business environment where margins are thin, mistakes are costly. You risk losing money and your reputation. Most print businesses can obtain goods on very short lead times, thus adopting the “just-in-time” ordering system. This means it is even more important you receive the correct goods or services, when required, and at the agreed price.